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10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram is the leading plugin for easily presenting a customizable Instagram feed on your website.

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10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that can help you bring Instagram feeds with the media of your Instagram account to any of your posts and pages. It will take couple of minutes to set up and customize to your needs. 10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram’s settings and features will allow you to take full control over how to display the feeds and the content on your website.

10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram is a perfect fit for bloggers, photography websites, travel and food blogs and for WordPress users that want to spice up their posts with the latest images and videos from their Instagram profiles. The plugin is responsive and scales perfectly to screens of all sizes, providing better user experience across the board.


  • Increase user engagement – Engagement on Instagram is higher than on any other social platform. Keep your visitors engaged and significantly increase surfing time and visitor retention on your website.
  • Increase brand/blog awareness – Let your site visitors get into conversation and connect with your blog or brand. Keep your visitors tuned and increase your blog’s/brand’s awareness.
  • Save your time – Keep your posts authentic with content from your Instagram account without any manual work involved. Your feeds will be fresh and up to date and synced automatically.
  • Add appeal to your website – Stunning display views, custom styling features and image lightbox effects will bring vibrancy to your posts and pages, and add to your website’s overall look and feel.
  • Control – Take pure charge of what content to display and how to display it with an extensive list of content and display settings. Specify the number of photos you display on the page and choose what happens when a visitor clicks on an image from the feed. Custom styled display views and filtered Instagram content will be a great addition to any post you publish.
  • Minimal effort – Set the plugin up and have it up and running in no time and with minimal efforts. Out of box solution that’s user-friendly and simple in use.
  • Support – The team behind 10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram provides timely and effective support to all its users. We keep standards high and response time low.
  • Resource efficient – WordPress 10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram plugin loads the images pretty fast as no feed data is stored in the database. All the images, videos, captions and comments are retrieved directly from the Instagram in the front-end.

What’s in it


Display the feeds in one of the available layouts Thumbnail, Image Browser, Masonry (Premium version), Blog Style(Premium version). Whether you want to have small sized image thumbnails or larger images displayed you’ll find the right layout for that. Customize layouts to get exactly what you need and display the metadata that’s most relevant for your niche.


Create Instagram galleries on your website by embedding entire timelines to your posts using a shortcode or the plugin’s Instagram widget on your sidebar.


You can choose to show a single feed on your pages and posts, but you can make things more interesting and create mixed feeds (Premium version). With single feeds you can show posts from your Instagram account and single hashtag. Mixed feeds, on the other hand, can contain your Instagram account and multiple hashtags. A front end filter is available for mixed feeds (Premium version).


Use Conditional Filters of the 10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram plugin to display or skip certain content from the feeds by setting up a filter logic and condition types. Add custom condition types if necessary and fine-tune your feeds. Conditional Filters option is available for Premium version only.


Want to show Instagram feeds on your website sidebar? Do it quick and easy with the help of the Instagram Feed Widget.


10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram features a powerful lightbox. It provides support for HTML5 video, 15 transition effects (Premium version), filmstrip (Premium version) and carousel features. The lightbox works great with Instagram touch as well.


The plugin comes with a classic pagination with next and previous buttons. You can also choose the infinite scroll option (Premium version) to bring better user experience. This allows to view more images when scrolling the page down. You can set the the number of images you want to show per page.


Choose from the two default themes offered by the plugin or create multifarious themes (Premium version) by customizing the colors, sizes and display styles. 10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram allows you to have separate layout settings for each theme with custom settings for header, user data and pagination.


Some customizations described here are available in Premium version. Please refer to feature summary for additional info.

10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram comes with extensive customization options for the feeds, layouts, themes and content display. Every new feed you add to your website has its own settings for the feed and for the lightbox that pops up when people click on an image or video. Upon clicking on the image you can choose to redirect people to Instagram, open the image in the lightbox, or chose the custom redirect option. There are various image sorting options available based on the date, likes, comments, and on random basis. Media loading options include load more button, infinite Instagram scrolling, or classic pagination with next and previous buttons. You can enable “Follow on Instagram” button from the feed settings and let your visitors follow the displayed Instagram accounts directly from your site. The number of photos you display on the page or post can be specified from the feed settings, as well as the number of the loading images.

Premium version adds

  • Masonry Layout feeds
  • Blog Style Layout feeds
  • Image metadata (Instagram tag,image caption, comments, like) display
  • Mixed and multiple feeds (Instagram account posts with multiple hashtags)
  • Fully Customizable Themes
  • Vertical/horizontal filmstrip in lightbox
  • HTML5 Video Support in Lightbox
  • Blog Style and Image Browser views for displaying Instagram videos
  • 15 Lightbox transition effects
  • Social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest)
  • Infinite scroll for the feed (Similar to Instagram standard)
  • Instagram Comments display in Lightbox
  • Instagram Hashtag filtering options
  • Conditional Filters


If you think you found a bug in 10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram or wonder how to add Instagram to your website, or how to get Instagram plugin up and running, please check out Support Forum. Additional information on how to download Instagram plugin to your website you can find in our user manual If you do not find a solution in the forum, do not hesitate to click here to contact us.

Privacy Policy

10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram plugin uses Instagram API on website front end. You have to authorize the plugin via sign in to get data from Instagram on your behalf. The plugin does not send any user’s data to Instagram. All the data received from Instagram via API is cached in WordPress database for some short customizable period to provide front end optimization. You can delete or update cached data. Instagram saves some cookies in browsers of website visitors via API data. These cookies are mostly used for security purposes. They are regulated under terms of Instagram’s privacy policy https://instagram.com/legal/privacy. The plugin asks for your consent to collect site administrator’s email address and site URL to offer customer support, deals and discounts on premium products and more.

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