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Meet Kali Forms – the powerful & user-friendly WordPress contact form plugin. Start from scratch with our easy-to-use drag & drop builder or build a form with our predesigned templates in just a few clicks…

Kali Forms makes it easy to create powerful contact forms, payment forms, feedback forms and more for your website without the hassle.

Easy-to-use Form Templates

Building forms can take time, which is something we all never have enough of. So to make the form creation experience even easier and more efficient, Kali Forms comes with built-in form templates which you can use if you don’t want to start from scratch!

  • Standard contact form

Instantly create a contact form that allows your website visitors and potential customers to get in touch with you.

  • Employee information form

Easily use and modify the Kali Forms employee information form template which you can use to collect vital information during the employee onboarding process.

These 13 additional templates are only available in Kali Forms Pro:

  • Job application form

Easily create a form that allows candidates to apply for a job with this template.

  • Appointment form

Make it easy for potential customers and clients to book a call or schedule a meeting with you without linking to external services.

  • Customer feedback form

Use the customer feedback form template to start collecting valuable feedback and suggestions from your customers.

  • Art contest

Thinking of running an art contest or competition but don’t know where to start? With the Kali Forms Art Contest form template, easily start collecting entries in just a few clicks.

  • Gaming tournament registration form

Do you run a gaming website and want to host a gaming tournament that all your followers can join? If so, easily create a gaming tournament registration form by importing this predesigned template. Kali Forms makes it easy to plan and host gaming tournaments that people love.

  • GDPR-Friendly contact form

Kali Forms makes it extremely easy to create GDPR-friendly contact forms with a confirmation checkbox that allows you to ensure that people submitting your contact form agree with the terms and conditions or privacy policy of your website.

  • Running calculator form

Help users that like to go on outdoor runs calculate their pace, time and distance. The calculations are easily handled through our built-in Calculator.

  • Donation form

A simple form that will allow you to accept donations through PayPal.

  • Request quote form

An example form for requesting a quote for gardening services.

  • Reservation form

Use this form if you want to provide users with an example of a hotel reservation form.

  • Gym Membership Application form

Staying in shape is very important, allow users to apply to a gym memberhsip at your establishment using this example form.

  • Simple booking form

Allow users to book a venue through this form. Previously selected dates will be automatically disabled in the calendar selection in order to avoid overlapping bookings.

  • Simple booking form with payment

Provide users with a basic form that will allow them to book a room at your hotel and also accept payments online through PayPal.

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The Fastest WordPress Form Plugin Available

We built the Kali Forms WordPress form plugin from the ground up overcome the performance issues caused by most (if not all) other form plugins. Say goodbye to legacy, outdated code. Kali Forms is built on React.

All forms are 100% mobile-responsive.

Contact forms created with Kali Forms are fully mobile responsive, so your contact forms will look great on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

The Days of Form Spam Are Over

We know much of a problem form spam is which is why Kali Forms is designed to use a combination of Google’s powerful reCAPTCHA and spam honeypot system so you never have to waste your time dealing with unsolicited submissions ever again.

Easy doesn’t need to mean basic forms

This feature is only available in Kali Forms Pro!

Kali Forms was designed to be user-friendly but being easy-to-use doesn’t need to mean that you should only be able to create simple, basic forms.

With Kali Forms Pro, you can easily create powerful forms that use conditional logic, multi-page forms, and make use of our partial entries and submisison handling add-on.

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3rd party or external service disclaimer

The plugin sends data (User action) to our website through an API Call ( in order to send a uninstall feedback.

The plugin connects to our website through an API call ( in order to request a list of available extensions.

Kali Forms does not send any data without consent or user action to our website, nor do we collect sensitive information from the requests.

Our full privacy policy can be found here.

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