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Custom Field Suite (CFS) lets you add custom fields to your posts. It’s lightweight and battle-tested (there’s not much to break).

Things to know

  • We do not provide support.
  • This is a free plugin. We’re not selling anything.
  • CFS includes 14 field types. There are no plans to add more.
  • If you want all the bells-and-whistles, use ACF.

Field types

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Date
  • Color
  • True / False
  • Select
  • File Upload
  • Relationship
  • Term
  • User
  • Loop (repeatable fields)
  • Hyperlink
  • Tab (group fields)


  • Browse to the “Field Groups” admin menu
  • Create a Field Group containing one or more custom fields
  • Choose where the Field Group should appear, using the Placement Rules box
  • Use the get method in your template files to display custom fields


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