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GiveWP is the highest rated, most downloaded, and best supported donation plugin for WordPress. Built from the ground up for all your fundraising needs, GiveWP provides you with a powerful donation platform optimized for online giving.

Transform the way you accept online donations. With GiveWP you can accept charitable gifts through customizable donation forms, view donation statistics and reports, manage donors, and integrate with a wide variety of third-party gateways and services.

Wat kun je met Give?

GiveWP is free and yet is full of many advanced features to suit your needs. Slick donation forms, full-featured reporting, and donor management features provide you with the tools you need to accept donations and manage your donors.

Powerful Donation Forms

  • Maak aangepaste donatie formulieren in je WordPress admin
  • Use the multi-step donation form template or GiveWP legacy forms
  • Give neemt de stijl van je thema over, zodat het direkt na installatie naadloos met je bestaande site integreert.
  • Voeg in een paar klikken doelen, keuze in te doneren bedragen, aanpasbare bedragen, voorwaarden en nog meer toe.

Full-Featured Reporting

  • Verkrijg een compleet overzicht van je donatie activiteit
  • Beheer je data met exports en reportages
  • Filter reportages op datum, formulier, en betaalmethode
  • Meet prestatie over meerdere campagnes

Complete Donor Management

  • Bekijk een complete historie van jouw donor activiteit
  • Genereer fiscaal aftrekbare bonnen
  • Integreer services van derden via onze Give API

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Wie gebruikt Give?

With more than 100,000+ active installs of GiveWP, we hear more and more success stories from nonprofit organizations using GiveWP. Causes are using GiveWP to raise millions of dollars per year. Check out some of our GiveWP Stories and Case Studies for details about their success.

Waarom Give voor je donaties?

If your nonprofit or cause depends on donations, you want to treat your donors right. Don’t send them through a shopping cart or kick them off-site to a third-party platform. GiveWP streamlines the giving process by allowing your donors to complete their donations directly on your website using an easy to complete donation form. As an admin, you have the customization options and reporting and donor management features you need in order to run successful giving campaigns.

You may have struggled with other WordPress donation plugins in the past; dealing with the lack of features, documentation, and support can be a real pain. There’s a better way. Now you have GiveWP and our entire team on your side.

Eenvoudig en probleemloos doneren

Our development and support team built GiveWP from day one with best practices in WordPress development and online giving in mind. GiveWP works great — the “WordPress way” so you’re already familiar with the interface once you begin using it.

The strength of GiveWP lies within its optimized donation forms. When creating a form you may specify whether the form is a single or multi-level amounts. As well, you can allow donors to give a custom amount if you wish. The donation forms can then be displayed anywhere on your website using a shortcode, widget, or the single donation form page. Simply install and activate the plugin to get started.


For new users, we suggest reviewing our Getting Started Guide to get an understanding of how the plugin works. If you run into any trouble, we offer free support to help you with your issues, questions, and concerns.

If you are a GiveWP customer with an active license of any of our popular add-ons, we’d love to hear from you and support you via our Priority Support channel.

Accept Credit Card Donations

GiveWP comes with several payment gateway options:

  • Works with Stripe — Our Stripe integration allows you to accept credit card donations on your website. There is a small 2% fee associated with these donations. Want no additional fees? Upgrade to our Stripe Premium add-on.
  • PayPal Donations — Allow worldwide donations with PayPal Donations. No additional fees applied.
  • Offline Donations — Enable your donors to send checks or physical donations with an offline gateway with instructions.
  • Test Gateway — use the Test Gateway to see exactly how your donors will walk through the donation process.

Extend GiveWP with Powerful Add-ons

GiveWP’s goal is to “Democratize Generosity.” We want to make it easy for everyone to raise funds online. The money you raise using GiveWP is yours to support your cause. Period. We are supported through the sale of premium GiveWP add-ons. Add-ons enable advanced features that enable you to extend the functionality of GiveWP.

Deze Add-ons voor GiveWP moet je beslist hebben:

  • Terugkerende donaties
  • Formulierveld manager
  • Terugvordering van vergoedingen
  • Eerbetoon
  • PDF Bonnen
  • Fondsen & Bestemmingen

Bekijk alle GiveWP’s Add-ons en ontdek alle manieren om GiveWP verder aan te passen en uit te breiden.

Eenvoudig aan te passen en te verbeteren

GiveWP is built by, our plugins are built from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use. By following along with our Getting Started Guide, setting up GiveWP to accept donations on WordPress is simple and easy.

Are you a developer? GiveWP is fully extendable. We built in an advanced templating system similar to the ones found in many of WordPress’ top plugins that makes customizing many of GiveWP’s frontend elements upgrade proof and extremely flexible. Run into some trouble? We’re here to help! Along with the plugin is a support team that is dedicated, fast to respond, and always willing to squash bugs and help troubleshoot.

Hier zijn enkele geweldige ontwikkelaarsgerichte tutorials en documenten om je te helpen GiveWP aan je wensen aan te passen:

Over het Give team

Backed by a growing team of WordPress developers, support engineers, and marketing professionals who’ve worked with WordPress and nonprofits since 2009. This means GiveWP is made with best practices in mind; extremely extensible and customizable, stable, and reliable. We’ll be here in years to come for you and your nonprofit organization.

Verbind met Give

Blijf op de hoogte van belangrijk nieuws en plugin updates:

Draag bij aan Give

Deze plugin is open source (GPL licentie) en we zijn altijd op zoek naar meer bijdragers. Of je nu een andere taal kent, kunt coderen als geen ander, of gewoon een idee hebt, we houden van je hulp en input.

Hier zijn een aantal manier om bij te dragen aan Give:

  • Star/fork/watch the GiveWP GitHub repository to learn more about what issues we’re tackling and the project is developing. If you’ve never worked with Github before, learn about pull requests here and submit one for GiveWP, we’d love to give you our feedback.

  • Translate GiveWP into your native language. The best place to do that is here on Go to, then search for your language, click the “Plugins” tab, then search for “GiveWP”. When you’ve submitted at least 95% of GiveWP’s strings, the language moderators will review and approve your translations and then they will be available to all WordPress users for your native language. If you are interested in translating any of our Premium Add-ons, contact us, we’d love to chat with you about that.

  • Join the GiveWP Community Facebook group. We chat about all things related to WordPress, GiveWP, fundraising, and online donations in general.

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