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Integrates Google Analytics – eCommerce tracking and automates end-to-end Google Shopping with dynamic remarketing tags.

Product Description


The new and enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce is there to help you – Know And Measure What Matters To Your Business.

As a Premium Google Ads Partner, we are delighted to bring a new and enhanced Google Analytics Integration Plugin that does all the eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics. We have 40000+ active eCommerce businesses across 150 countries using, benefitting, growing from this plugin.

By opening an e-commerce store, your job is half done. To run it efficiently, drive traffic to your website, and increase conversions, you have to do one more thing. Know Your Shoppers Well!

And how will you do that? Well, Start with Understanding, Measuring, and Tracking their entire user journey with the help of Google Analytics Tracking for Woocommerce.

  • Know users likes & preferences
  • Offer them better experiences
  • Simplify their shopping process
  • Remove all the roadblocks that slow down or come in the way of conversion

The enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce will show you all the stats that matter. The plugin is apt in helping global eCommerce businesses scale faster by integrating eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics for both the Universal Analytics (Google Analytics v3) and the Google Analytics 4 properties.


Check the recent release of the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce, loaded with new features!

  • Dynamic Remarketing tags for eCommerce events and Google Shopping solution features include management of Google Merchant Center account.
  • Seamless product sync from your WooCommerce stores.
  • Link Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account, Smart Shopping Campaign management, and Shopping Campaign report.


eCommerce businesses can –
* Start making data-driven decisions.
* Re-targeting the shoppers based on their past site behavior.
* Become eligible for free listing across Google to reach millions of interested shoppers across Google.
* Run your google shopping campaigns smoothly.

Achieve all this by connecting Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Merchant Center accounts. Want to know what is the best part?

  • NO CODING REQUIRED or NO NEED TO HIRE A DEVELOPER for the setup. You can configure the plugin instantly in under 5 minutes and with a few clicks from your WordPress backend.

Here is how you can configure the plugin without any hassle and start scaling your eCommerce business faster.

Create a new Google Ads account using the plugin and get a Google ads coupon upto USD 150 (amount differs based on the country you are in) on the spends you make in the first 31 days. See terms and condition.


Enhanced eCommerce Google analytics plugin tracks the entire user journey on your eCommerce store from the home page to product views and from cart page to checkout page to thank you page.

  • For any eCommerce business, the most important thing is to know the accurate conversion %. Know the accurate conversion % for your eCommerce store and you have visibility on the entire eCommerce funnel to better channel marketing and UX/UI efforts to reach an optimum conversion %. See Sample Report.

  • Using this plugin, you can track your merchandising efforts by monitoring how certain products are performing on the home page or the product listing page and make better and well-informed merchandising decisions. See Sample Report.

  • You can track which products have a better view-to-cart ratio or a better view-to-conversion ratio, and based on this data, make better and well-informed pricing or product decisions. See Sample Report.

  • Track users who are abandoning the cart, which products are abandoned more in the cart, etc., and reach out to the users or update your product listing. See Sample Report.

  • You can track the performance of your checkout form and accordingly work on the UI/UX to increase the conversion rate for your eCommerce business. See Sample Report.

  • The best part is, you can track every impression and click of the product from which page they are added to the cart, how users interact with your checkout page before making the final purchase by our new and enhanced eCommerce Google analytics plugin.


  • Audience reports help know your customers in a whole new way. It gives you much-needed detailed insights like – from which countries your users are coming from, their age, gender, interests, devices, and much more. Considering this, you can easily set up your content and design to match your audience preferences. See Sample Report.

  • Behaviour reports help you get to know how users are interacting with your website, how much time they are spending, how much they browse before making a final purchase, and a whole lot more. See Sample Report.

  • Acquisition reports tell you which sources are attributing the traffic to your website, their performance when it comes to conversion, and much more. You can channel your efforts in better marketing ROI. See Sample Report.


  • Get your WooCommerce products in front of the millions of shoppers across Google.

  • Opt your product data into programmes, like surfaces across Google, Shopping ads, local inventory ads, and Shopping Actions, and highlight your products to shoppers across Google.

  • Reach out to customers leaving your WooCommerce store by running Smart Google shopping campaigns based on their past site behavior. Learn more about Google Shopping


  • Step 1: Create or connect Google Merchant Center account using the plugin

  • Step 2: Sync your WooCommerce products seamlessly from your wordpress backend to Merchant Center account from plugin’s interface

  • Step 3: Link your Google Ads account with Merchant Center account for dynamic remarketing and smart shopping campaigns

Features of Plugin

  1. Quick & Easy 5 minutes installation from the WordPress interface
  2. Enables 4 Enhanced Ecommerce reports in Google Analytics (Google Analytics v3)
    • Shopping Behaviour Report
    • Checkout Behaviour Report
    • Product Performance Report
    • Sales Performance Report
    • Enables Audience, Acquisition & Behaviour reports in Google Analytics in Universal Analytics
    • Supports Guest checkout functionality
    • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on category page
    • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on product page
    • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on featured Product Section on Homepage
    • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on Recent Product Section on Homepage
    • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on Related Product Section on Product page
    • Captures checkout behaviour of users in Google Analytics under Conversion > Ecommerce > Checkout behaviour report
  3. Data collection in Google Analytics 4 property in order to get ready for next generation analytics
    • eCommerce events tracking like product impressions, product clicks, product detail page view, add to cart, remove from cart, checkout steps tracking and purchase on home page, category page, product listing page, product detail page, cart page, checkout page, and order confirmation page
  4. User can select and opt for eCommerce tracking in both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 properties
  5. Google Ads account linking with Google Analytics property in order to have better insights on your ad spends in Google analytics reports
  6. Capture transaction/conversion information in Google analytics under Conversion > Ecommerce > Sales performance report
  7. Set your local currency
  8. Google Analytics Opt Out
  9. IP Anonymization
  10. Dynamic remarketing tags integration and automation for eCommerce events like view_item_list, view_item, add_to_cart and purchase
  11. Remarketing tags automation for all pages
  12. Create and manage Google Merchant Center Account and auto linking of Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account for smart shopping and shopping campaigns
  13. Automatic site verification and domain claim for Google Merchant Center account
  14. Seamless product sync from wordpress backend to Google Merchant Center account in order to opt for Surfaces across Google and Google Shopping.
  15. Automatic price and inventory update for your WooCommerce products to Merchant Center account
  16. Smart Shopping Campaign creation and management from WordPress backend
  17. Shopping campaign performance dashboard
  18. Product Sync dashboard

Fast track and scale your eCommerce business to new heights by unlocking more advanced tracking and enabling complete google shopping solutions for your WooCommerce store. Give a try to our pro version.

Features of our pro version:

  • All the features included in Enhanced ecommerce Google analytics plugin
  • Additional 5 enhanced ecommerce reports in Google Analytics: Overview, product list performance report, order coupon report, Internal promotion report, product coupon report, Affiliate code report
  • Complete eCommerce tracking for google analytics 4 tracking
  • You can track both google analytics 4 and universal analytics properties for your WooCommerce store
  • Google ads conversion tracking
  • 20 custom dimensions and metrics tracking in your google analytics properties
  • User id and client id tracking for cross device user tracking
  • Product refund tracking
  • Form field tracking
  • Content grouping
  • 404 tracking
  • Opt in/ consent compatibility with WP GDPR compliance, borlabs cookies etc.
  • Complete google shopping solution
  • Sync your WooCommerce products seamlessly in your merchant center account from your wp admin
  • Schedule automatic product feed updates
  • Google merchant center account management and creation from the wp admin
  • Link your google ads and google merchant center account
  • Create and manage smart shopping campaigns from the wp admin
  • Smart shopping campaign reports
  • Compatibility with other widely used plugins
  • Child theme compatibility
  • Premium support
  • Free GA audit
  • Consultation with Google Shopping expert to set up and enhance campaigns
  • CRO consulatation (Boost your eCommerce conversation with proven hypothesis) (Paid)
  • Customization as per your requirements(Paid)

Reach out to us with your query here for a faster solution.

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