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💬 Connect your WordPress to WhatsApp in one click.

The best WordPress plugin for WhatsApp, with more than 400,000 installations worldwide.

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⌁ What you can do with (formerly WAme) ✅

🛎 Insert a contact button for WhatsApp on your website.

Add your logo, profile picture or even an animated gif. Define in which pages or zones it should appear, the delay time, if you want it to the right or to the left, only on mobile phones or also on the desktop. You can define a tooltip to capture the user’s attention, the limit is set by your creativity.

📝 Edit at publication level.

You can change main settings on every Post, Page, Product or CPT. In the right side you will find metabox where you can modify Phone, CTA, Message and display options.

🔴 Show a notification.

Use a balloon on the button to get the user’s attention. In this way, you ensure that you do not miss any important message you want to give them, surprise them in a less intrusive way.

📯 Create call-to-action messages.

For users to click on the button, use custom CTAs on each page, product or section. Welcome them, help them and offer them offers or promotions. Read more

💬 Customize conversation start messages.

So that the user does not waste time in writing. This way you will be able to know from which page it comes or what product is being consulted when you start the first conversation.

🛒 Integration with WooCommerce.

Define CTAs and Custom Messages for product pages and for products on sale.

🃏 Dynamic Variables.

Use variables in your CTAs and messages that change dynamically for each page:

{SITE} ➡ Website title
{TITLE} ➡ Current page title
{URL} ➡ Current page url
{PRODUCT} ➡ Product name (WooCommerce)
{SKU} ➡ Product SKU (WooCommerce)
{REGULAR} ➡ Product regular price (WooCommerce)
{PRICE} ➡ Product current price (WooCommerce)
{DISCOUNT} ➡ Product percent discount when is on sale (WooCommerce)

📈 Integration with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. sends the event automatically when the user opens WhatsApp. You can also create your custom events capturing $(document).on('joinchat:open'). View FAQs / Read more

💱 Multi-Language & RTL Support.

To be able to support all your users, wherever they are. Our plugin is compatible with WPML and Polylang and also RTL languages are supported. View FAQs

🌈 Theme Colors & 🌚 Dark Mode.

You choose a color and we customize the entire visual theme of the widget. With Dark Mode display the chat window with dark colors and white text. From settings you can activate it or leave it automatic and detects devices’ configuration.

🍾 CSS Triggers.

Your pages can interact with and show the chat window or launch WhatsApp when user clicks or an item appears on scrolling. You just need to add a few CSS classes. View FAQs

⚡ Fast & Light.

Only load what need when needed. is lightweight and follow best coding practices. See tests report

👨‍💻 Developer friendly.

Fully extensible, with lots of filters and actions to extend its functionality or change behavior.


Extend with awesome features:

💯 Plus. + gives you access to faster and easier support through tickets.

📡 OmniChannel.

This Add-on will allow you to add more chat applications to the basic plug-in, in addition to WhatsApp. You can now add Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Phone call, Skype and FaceTime.

👥 Support Agents.

This Add-on allows you to add several WhatsApp accounts, defining the personal data of each agent’s profile, as well as their work schedule. This way customers can choose who they want to talk to.

🎬 CTA Extras.

This Add-on allows you to create rich content in the chat window, to make the calls to action (CTA) 😍 irresistible. You can add links to images, call to action buttons, you can even add animated Iframes or GIFs.

🎲 Random Phone.

With Random Phone you can add as many phone numbers as you want, there is no limit. Every time a user of your site clicks on the start chat button, they will be randomly and equitably referred to each of the different support numbers you have configured.

🤖 Chatbot Svachat.

Our Add-on Chatbot (Svachat) is designed to answer your customers’ recurring questions (FAQS) by creating a chatbot that interacts with the user and decides based on the user’s queries.

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