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WordPress Security Plugin For WordPress Websites

A WordPress security plugin ensures that your website remains completely safe and secure, always. We created MalCare Security Plugin to help website owners worry less about their site security, achieve peace of mind and focus all their energies on growing their business or website.

Difference Between MalCare Free vs Premium

MalCare in 1 Minute – Overview

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MalCare is the fastest malware detection and removal plugin loved by thousands of developers and agencies. With an industry-first automatic one-click malware removal, your website is clean before Google blacklists it or your web host takes it down. MalCare has been developed from the ground up after analyzing over 240,000 websites over 2.5+ years.

Its intelligent scanning methodology will never slow down your website and accurately identifies the most complex malware that typically goes undetected in other popular security plugins.

The one-click malware cleaner offers unlimited automated cleanups while the inbuilt powerful cloud-based firewall ensures round-the-clock website protection. Moreover, you can block countries to mitigate hack attacks.

MalCare comes integrated with a complete website management module that ensures better security and site management to your websites from a single dashboard.

The plugin notifies you if the website goes down so that you can handle the situation before you start losing visitors. Performance Check enables users to keep an eye on their loading speed.

MalCare offers a premium White-Label solution that lets agencies provide better security to their clients without risking their business. And enables users to generate beautiful reports for their clients.

Why Choose MalCare?

  • WordPress Malware Scanner

    • Cloud Based Deep malware scanner
    • Doesn’t Slow down your website
    • Detects malware BEFORE it’s too late
    • NO impact on your website
    • Finds ALL types of malware, even new & complex ones
  • WordPress Malware Removal

    • View hacked file details
    • Cleans your site INSTANTLY, in less than 60 Secs
    • Removes ALL traces of malware
    • UNLIMITED hack cleanups
  • WordPress Website Protection

    • Blocks hacker BOTS from attacking login page
    • Identifies & blocks MALICIOUS traffic
    • Enables users to HARDEN their sites
    • Enables users to block ENTIRE countries
  • Easy to Use

    • Set up an account in 60 secs
    • Configure security once & never look at it again
  • Support

    • Agile & responsive customer support

Why Is MalCare Such a Game-Changer?

MalCare offers unparalleled security services. Some services are free and others are paid.

MalCare’s FREE Services –

  1. Cloud-Based Malware Scanning (Free)

    MalCare’s Cloud-based Scanning ensures no impact on your website ever. Moreover, it detects Complex Malware missed by other popular plugins

  2. Web-Application WordPress Firewall (Free)

    Get Real-Time Protection for your WordPress website against the latest threats with MalCare’s Smart Firewall. Block hackers & bots before they harm your site.

  3. CAPTCHA-Based Login Protection (Free)

    Automatically prevent brute force attacks with MalCare’s Smart Captcha-Based Login Protection. Round-the-clock protection against malicious traffic.

MalCare’s PAID Services –

  1. Viewing Hacked Files (Paid)

    View the infected files present on your WordPress website. Learn which themes or plugins or files or folders were infected by hackers.

  2. Industry-First Instant Malware Removal (Paid)

    Clean your hacked site instantly in less than 60 secs with MalCare’s 1-Click Cleaner. Clean your website before Google blacklists it or your web host takes it down.

  3. WordPress Recommended Website Hardening (Paid)

    Easily configure WordPress recommended best security practices with just 1-Click from right within MalCare’s dashboard. No technical knowledge needed.

  4. Geo-blocking (Paid)

    Restrict access to users based on their geographical location. Easily block all visitors from certain countries to mitigate the risk of being hacked.

  5. Uptime Monitoring (Paid)

    With MalCare’s Uptime Monitoring keep a steady eye on your website. It ensures that you are not oblivious to website downtime.

Common Hack Attacks Prevented By MalCare

MalCare protects websites against all common hack attacks which includes:

MalCare Free vs. MalCare Premium

  1. Cloud Based Malware Scanner (FREE)

    • Cloud-Based Malware Scanning (Free)
    • Deep Malware Scanning – Files & Database (Free)
  2. Website Firewall (FREE)

    • Web Application Firewall (Free)
    • Plugin Based Firewall (Free)
    • Rules update every 7 days (Free)
    • Login Protection (Free)
    • Bot Protection (Free)
    • Rules update every 5 mins (Paid)
    • Geo-Blocking (Paid)
    • Website Hardening (Paid)
  3. Instant Malware Removal (PAID)

    • View Malware Insights (Paid)
    • Instant One-Click Clean Ups (Paid)
    • Automatic Clean-Ups (Paid)
    • Unlimited Clean-Ups (Paid)
  4. Personalized Customer Support (Paid)

    • Support on WordPress forum (Free)
    • Support via email and chat (Paid)

Who Can Benefit From MalCare?

MalCare is perfect for:

  • Any WordPress Websites
  • Small Business Websites
  • Developer Websites
  • Web Designing Websites
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Niche Sites
  • Artists & Photographers Sites
  • Amateur & Professional Bloggers
  • Local Business Sites
  • Website for Startups
  • Websites Selling Courses
  • Influencer Sites
  • Web Hosting Companies
  • Website Maintenance Services or Agencies

Detailed Setup Step-by-Step Tutorials

This plugin works in tandem with the MalCare servers. MalCare servers do all the heavy processing and will alert you if your site has any issues.

Hence a MalCare account is needed to use the plugin. This account can also be used by our other products including BlogVault.

MalCare Full Features List

  • Cloud Based Malware Scanner

    • Daily Scan Frequency
    • On-demand Site Scans
    • Scan Non-WP Files
    • Does not slow down your website ever
  • Instant Malware Removal

    • View Hacked Files details
    • Instant Automatic Malware Removal
    • Removal of Unknown & New Malware
    • Unlimited Malware Removal
  • Intelligent Malware Protection

    • Web Application Firewall
    • IP Whitelisting
    • CAPTCHA-based Login Protection
    • Traffic Logs
    • Login Logs
    • Geo-Blocking
    • Alerts for Suspicious Logins
  • Website Hardening

    • Block PHP Execution in Untrusted Folders
    • Disable Files Editor
    • Block Plugin or Theme Installation
    • Change Security Keys
    • Reset All Passwords
  • Complete Website Management

    • Centralized Dashboard
    • Plugins & Themes Management & Update
    • User Management
    • Team Management
    • Client Management
    • Generate & Schedule Reports
    • White-Labeling Solution
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Site Speed Monitoring
    • Blacklist Alarm
    • Slack Integration
  • Support

    • Email
    • Chat
    • Social Media

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