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This plugin improves the sharing of your WordPress pages, posts, WooCommerce products, or any other post type on social media, by setting the correct Facebook Open Graph Tags.

It also allows you to add the Twitter Card tags for more effective and efficient Twitter sharing results, as well as the Meta Description and Canonical tags if no other SEO plugin is setting them.

This plugin is not, in any way, affiliated or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Google or any other 3rd party.

You can also choose to insert the “enclosure” and “media:content” tags to the RSS feeds, so that apps like RSS Graffiti and twitterfeed post the image to Facebook correctly.

It allows the user to choose which tags are included, and also the default image if the post/page doesn’t have one.

It’s also possible to add an overlay logo/watermark to the image. The plugin will resize and crop the original image to 1200×630 and then overlay the chosen 1200×630 PNG file over it.
It be usefull to add your brand to the image that shows up on Facebook shared links.

Our settings page is discreetly kept under “Options”.

The generated (Facebook) Open Graph Tags are:

  • og:title: From post/page/archive/tag/… title.
  • og:site_name: From blog title.
  • og:url: From the post/page permalink.
  • og:description: From our specific custom field of the post/page, or if not set post/page excerpt if it exist, or from post/page content. From category/tag description on its pages, if it exist. From tagline, or custom text, on all the others.
  • og:image: From our specific custom field of the post/page, or if not set from the post/page featured/thumbnail image, or if it doesn’t exist from the first image in the post content, or if it doesn’t exist from the first image on the post media gallery, or if it doesn’t exist from the default image defined on the options menu. The same image chosen here will be used and enclosure/media:content on the RSS feed.
  • og:image:url: Same as og:image.
  • og:image:secure_url: Same as og:image if SSL is being used.
  • og:image:width and og:image:height: Image dimensions.
  • og:type: “website” or “blog” for the homepage, “product” for WooCommerce products and “article” for all the others.
  • article:author: From the user (post author) Faceboook Profile URL.
  • article:published_time: Article published time (for posts only)
  • article:modified_time and og:updated_time: Article modified time (for posts only)
  • article:section: From post categories.
  • article:publisher: The website Facebook Page URL.
  • og:locale: From WordPress locale or chosen by the user.
  • fb:admins: From settings on the options screen.
  • fb:app_id: From settings on the options screen.
  • og:price:amount and og:price:currency: Price on WooCommerce products.

The generated Twitter Card Tags are:

  • twitter:title: Same as og:title.
  • twitter:url: Sames as og:url.
  • twitter:description: Same as og:description.
  • twitter:image: Same as og:image.
  • twitter:creator: From the user (post author) Twitter account.
  • twitter:site: The website Twitter account.
  • twitter:card: With value “summary_large_image” or “summary”.

Other Tags:

  • canonical: Same as og:url.
  • meta description: Same as og:description.
  • meta author: From the user (post author) Display Name.
  • meta publisher: From the website title.
  • enclosure: On RSS feeds, same as og:image.
  • media:content: On RSS feeds, same as og:image.

3rd Party Integration:

  • Yoast SEO: Allows you to use the title, URL (canonical), and description from the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Rank Math: Allows you to use the title, URL (canonical), and description from the Rank Math plugin only with the PRO add-on
  • WooCommerce: On product pages sets og:type to “product” and adds the price including tax to the product:price and product:availability tags. Also allows you to use the Product Category thumbnails as Open Graph Image and have Product Gallery images as additional Open Graph Images
  • WooCommerce Brands: On brand pages uses the brand image as Open Graph Image
  • SubHeading: Add the SubHeading to the post/page title.
  • Business Directory Plugin (deprecated): Allows you to use BDP listing contents as Open Graph Tags.

NEW PRO add-on:

To implement new features, we’ve released a new PRO add-on that you can use alongside this plugin.

From version 3.0.0 forward, for sustainability reasons, some advanced functionalities might be removed from the free plugin and move to the PRO add-on, with the proper deprecation notice with some versions in advance.

The current PRO add-on features are:

  • Rank Math integration: title, description and canonical
  • Set different image size (instead of 1200×630)
  • Fix chunked transfer encoding when using an image overlay
  • Technical support (limited to the PRO add-on features)
  • Good karma and support the development of new features

Get it now for the promotional price of 20€ on the first year (and 12€ on renewals), or as low as 10€ on the first year (and 6€ on renewals) if you buy a license for 10 websites.

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