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Connect the Polylang multilingual plugin with Elementor Page Builder: This plugin will make Elementor and Polylang show the correct language templates, especially with Elementor Pro Theme Builder. Plus: native Polylang Language Switcher Elementor widget, new Dynamic Tags, and Polylang links added to the Elementor Finder feature.

⚡ Try the new Version 2.0 ⚡

If you are starting with a new project we recommend using the new version 2.0 (it’s in beta phase but with it you will not lose the changes you make when the final version is published).

Download v2.0 beta (more info)

What the Plugin Does

  • Shows the correct Template (for different languages): Polylang Connect for Elementor allows Polylang to show the correct Elementor template to be displayed on the front end. Before this plugin, Elementor did not show the correct language (translated) template.
  • Beyond enabling the Elementor post type in Polylang settings, plus assigning every post/page/template to a language, no further settings are needed for these template tweaks. It just works out of the box. All the heavy lifting happens under the hood.
  • Usage Example:
    • Make a header template in Elementor, set display conditions in Elementor panel, assign this to one language (English for example)
    • Make a second header template in Elementor, set NO display conditions for this one (by assigning 2 of the same display conditions, you can create a conflict in Elementor), but assign to another Polylang language (Portuguese for example), meaning to link those languages/templates in Polylang.
    • Result: when viewing in frontend the proper English content appears with the English header template, translated content in Portuguese appears with the Portuguese header template.
    • Go on: The principle is always the same, now add German language, Spanish and so on 😉
    • See live demo on co-author’s own website // Screenshot gallery

Plus: Even More Features

  • Polylang Language Switcher Widget: A native Elementor Widget to easily build a nice language switcher menu and have more styling options for non-coders at hand
  • Elementor Finder integration: Adds Polylang languages, admin settings links, plus support resources as quick jump links to the Elementor Finder feature (Elementor v2.3.0+) – so you can navigate more quickly from whereever you are
  • Dynamic Tags in Elementor Pro: Polylang Language Names (all registered/active) / Current Language Name / Current Language Code / Current Language Flag (image) / Current Language URL

Further Plugin Info

  • More features might be added in the future.
  • Community collaboration between David Decker and Brad Johnson, and more code coming from the Elementor/ Polylang community
  • Plugin website: https://polyglotwp.com – please sign up for our newsletter

Where to Get Support?

  • Polylang User Community Group at Facebook – highly recommended for all users of this plugin!
  • We monitor the plugin’s support forum here on WordPress.org as well – but our preferred support channel is the FB community group
  • What is covered by our support? – All regarding THIS plugin (“Polyang Connect for Elementor”), plus the relation to Polylang, Elementor and Elementor Pro of course.
  • What is NOT covered by support? – Anything general regarding multilingual topics and WordPress. Explicitely we DO NOT offer any “WPML”, “WPBakery” or “Visual Composer” support, and also not for your theme etc.!!!


  • English (default, en_US) – always included
  • German (de_DE) – always included
  • German formal (de_DE_formal) – always included
  • .pot file (connect-polylang-elementor.pot) for translators is also always included 🙂
  • Easy plugin translation platform with GlotPress tool: Translate “Polylang Connect for Elementor”…



Enjoy using Polylang Connect for Elementor? Please consider making a donation to support the project’s continued development.


Credit where credit is due. The following code/ classes, all licensed under the GPL. Note: Credit is also referenced in the code doc block inline where used.

  • Polylang Switcher class (Elementor Widget) and its CSS based on widget from plugin “Language Switcher for Elementor” by Solitweb (GPLv2 or later)

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