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Use the fixed widget plugin to create sticky widgets that stay in the visible screen area when the page is scrolled up or down.

Sticky widgets are perceived much better by your visitors than unfixed widgets and therefore have a significantly higher click-through rate. Therefore, this option is especially useful for ads or other items that visitors want to interact with.

The recommended solution for integrating ads in WordPress is the free ad management plugin Advanced Ads.

Test version 6.0.0

Please download and test version 6.0.0.

It solves a lot of edge cases with various themes and improves PageSpeed scores.

Most changes are available when you switch on “Test new version” under Appearance > Fixed Widget Options.

Please test and let us know if you discover any issues.


The plugin is not working with all themes! Theme requirements:

  • jQuery 1.7 is vereist, jQuery 1.8.3 (of hoger) wordt aanbevolen.
  • Geen JavaScript fouten veroorzaakt door andere plugins en scripts.
  • wp_head() en wp_footer() functies in header.php en footer.php bestanden.
  • Widgets must have an ID attribute.

In some themes fixed widgets „jump“ during scrolling, etc. Some CSS changes at your theme will be required in this case.

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