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FAQ plugin for WordPress. With this plugin you can easily create FAQs and add them to your WordPress site using a Gutenberg block or shortcode. It makes use of a custom post type for seamless FAQ integration on any site.

FAQ demo

Belangrijkste functies

  • Maak een ongelimiteerd aantal FAQs
  • Maak ongelimiteerde FAQ tags en FAQ categorieën
  • FAQ block (Gutenberg)
  • FAQ shortcode
  • Responsive accordion layout that will fit any site and any device
  • Ordering and sorting options for your FAQ page
  • Groeperen FAQ opties
  • Translation ready (all strings localized and .pot file included)
  • Bulk import FAQs from a spreadsheet
  • Insert custom CSS to style your FAQ layout

This plugin is very user friendly and comes with a guided walk-through. When you activate the plugin, it will run and help you create your first FAQs, create an FAQ page and also set some important options!

FAQ Gutenberg blok, shortcode en widget

  • Just add the Display FAQs Gutenberg block on any page to display your FAQs
  • Or, if you’re using a different visual composer or page builder, or the Classic Editor plugin, just add the following shortcode anywhere on any page

  • The plugin also comes with a widget to display your FAQs in any widgetized area in your theme.

Video Introduction to the Ultimate FAQ Plugin

Extra FAQ functies

  • Microdata / structured data / question schema (in the correct JSON-LD format) to help with SEO
  • Kies welke elementen getoond worden voor elke FAQ (b.v. categorieën, tags, auteur, datum, enz.)
  • FAQ-statistieken en aantal keer bekeken
  • Allow people to comment on individual FAQs

FAQs for WooCommerce (Requires Premium)

  • Easily add an FAQ tab to each product page
  • Responsive accordion layout that fits seamlessly into any product page
  • Create an FAQ category that matches the name of a product or category in your WooCommerce and it will automatically show!
  • Voor meer informatie, bekijk de volgende video:

Ultimate FAQ Premium

De premium versie van deze plugin komt met de volgende geweldige extra functies:

  • FAQ search with autocomplete for question titles
  • Extra FAQ weergavestijlen
  • Choose from 15 toggle icon sets for your frequently asked questions
  • WP Forms integratie
  • Delen van FAQs op social media
  • Selecteer animatie opties
  • Drag and drop precise re-ordering of FAQs
  • Add an FAQ submit form to your site, so visitors can suggest their own FAQs and also (optionally) answers
  • Admin notification for new FAQ submissions
  • Add additional custom fields to your FAQs, such as a text area, file, link, date and more
  • Exporteeer FAQs naar spreadsheet
  • Export all FAQs to a PDF to create a user manual
  • SEO-Friendly FAQ, category and tag permalinks
  • Geavanceerde FAQ styling opties
  • Change the FAQ permalink slug base

You can find out more information about the premium version of Ultimate FAQ and accessing a free 7-day trial here: https://www.etoilewebdesign.com/plugins/ultimate-faq/

FAQ Blocks

  • Display FAQs: Display all FAQs, or only specific categories using the block attributes
  • Popular FAQs: Displays a number of the most viewed FAQs (5 unless specified)
  • Recent FAQs: Displays a number of the most recently added FAQs (5 unless specified)
  • Search FAQs: Display a search form that allows users to find FAQs with a specific string in the title or body of the FAQ post (premium)
  • Vraag FAQ insturen: toon een formulier waarmee gebruikers hun eigen FAQ’s kunnen indienen en, indien ingeschakeld, ook een antwoord op hun ingediende vraag kunnen invoeren (premium)

FAQ Shortcodes

  • [ultimate-faqs]: Display all FAQs, or only specific categories using include_category and exclude_category attributes (both take a comma-separated list of category slugs)
  • [popular-faqs]: geeft een aantal van de meest bekeken FAQs weer (5 behalve anders gespecifieerd)
  • [recent-faqs]: geeft een aantal van de meest recent toegevoegde FAQs weer (5 behalve anders gespecifieerd)
  • [select-faq]: Display specific FAQ posts, using the attributes faq_name, faq_slug and faq_id which take comma-separated lists of FAQ post names, slugs and ids respectively
  • [ultimate-faq-search]: Display a search form that allows users to find FAQs with a specific string in the title or body of the FAQ post (premium)
  • [submit-question]: Display a form that allows users to submit FAQs of their own and, if enabled, enter an answer to their submitted question as well (premium)

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