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Welcome to WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post!

This plugin automatically redirect 404 pages to similar posts based on Title, Post Types & Taxonomies. If nothing similar is found, visitors will be redirected to the homepage or a custom URL.


  • Automatically detect any 404.
  • Automatically search a similar post based on multiple factors:
    • Title
    • Potential Post Type
    • Potential Taxonomy
  • If nothing similar is found, set your Fallback Behavior:
    • Redirect to homepage
    • Redirect to a custom URL
    • Display the default 404 page
  • Choose the redirection HTTP header status:
    • 301 headers
    • 302 headers
  • Exclude Post Types from possible redirections.
  • Exclude Taxonomies from possible redirections.
  • Exclude Posts based on a custom post meta.
  • Exclude Terms based on a custom term meta.
  • Display the Debug Console instead of being redirected (Admin).
  • Preview possible redirection from the administration panel.

*New* Features:

  • Expose ‘WP-404-Auto-Redirect’ headers on 404 pages. (Admin).
  • Log redirections in the /wp-content/debug.log file.
  • Create your own search engines logic.
  • Create your own search engines groups & fire sequence.

*New* Engines & Groups:

WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post 1.0 introduces the concept of engines and groups which let you customize your own searching & matching logic. The plugin comes with 5 engines and 1 default group out of the box!

Default Group Engines:

  1. Fix URL
    Find and fix common URL mistakes.

  2. Direct Match
    Search for a Post that perfectly match keywords.

  3. Search Post
    Search for a similar Post.

  4. Search Term
    Search for a similar Term.

  5. Search Post: Fallback
    If a Post Type is set in the WP Query, redirect to the Post Type Archive.

But Also:

  • Easy to Install / Uninstall.
  • No useless data saved in Database.
  • Blazing Fast Performance.


WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post is 100% compatible with all popular manual redirection plugins:

If you use one of them, but missed a manual redirection and a 404 is about to be displayed, WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post will cover you.


They talk about us! 🙂

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