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Generate free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for your WordPress site and force SSL/HTTPS sitewide, fixing insecure content & mixed content issues easily.

Secure your WordPress site with SSL certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt®. WP Encryption plugin registers your site, verifies your domain, generates SSL certificate for your site in simple mouse clicks without the need of any technical knowledge.

A typical SSL installation without WP Encryption would require you to generate CSR, prove domain ownership, provide your bussiness data and deal with many more technical tasks!.

650k+ Downloads Worldwide — 870k+ SSL certificates generated — 500+ 5-Star reviews


PHP 5.4 & tested upto PHP 8.0, Linux hosting, OpenSSL, CURL, allow_url_fopen should be enabled.

FREE Features

  1. Manual domain verification

  2. Manual SSL installation (Download generated SSL certificates with a click of button and Follow very simple video tutorial to install SSL certificate on your cPanel)

  3. Manual SSL renewal (SSL certificates expire in 90 days. Make sure to renew it before expiry date to avoid insecure warning on site)

  4. Force HTTPS + Redirect loop fix for Cloudflare, StackPath, Load balancers and reverse proxies.

  5. Advanced Mixed / Insecure content scanner – One click scan your entire site for insecure images, css, js, assets which are causing browsers to show insecure padlock. Easily identify if the insecure content is sourced from widgets, post content, inline.

  6. Mixed Content fixer + Upgrade insecure requests

  7. HSTS Strict transport security Headers

  8. Important security headers implementation

  9. SSL score meter

(Optional) Running WordPress on a specialized VPS/Dedicated server without cPanel? You can download the generated SSL certificate files easily via “Download SSL Certificates” page and install it on your server by modifying server config file via SSH access as explained in our DOCS.

PRO Features Worth Upgrading

  1. Automatic domain verification

  2. Automatic SSL installation

  3. Automatic SSL renewal (Auto renews SSL certificate 30 days prior to expiry date)

  4. Wildcard SSL support – Install Wildcard SSL certificate for your primary domain that covers ALL sub-domains. Automatic DNS based domain verification for Wildcard SSL installation (DNS should be managed by cPanel or Godaddy)

  5. Multisite + Mapped domains support – Supports SSL installation for domains mapped with MU domain mapping plugin

  6. Automatic Content Delivery Network(CDN) to boost your site performance (Annual Plan Only)

  7. Blocks SQL injection, XSS, Shellshock, Remote File Inclusion, Apache Structs Exploits, Local File Inclusion attacks.

  8. Blocks common web application vulnerabilities and common WordPress attacks.

  9. Blocks invalid user agents, unknown user agents, CSRF, Convicted bot traffic, Spam & abuse, Probing & forced browsing, Brute force attacks.

  10. Top notch one to one priority support – Live Chat, Email, Premium Support Forum


Why choose WP Encryption Pro over other SSL providers?

Our support staff is consisted of top notch developers and WordPress experts who can help with SSL implementation for any customized server environments. We have helped with SSL setup for 500+ complex Apache, Nginx, Bitnami, Lightsail, Reverse proxy servers.

Switch to HTTPS in seconds

  • Secure browser padlock in minutes.

  • Free domain validated (DV) certificates are provided by Let’s Encrypt (A non profit Global certificate Authority).

  • SSL encryption ensures protection against man-in-middle attacks by securely encrypting the data transfer between client and your server.

Why does My WordPress site need SSL?

  1. SEO Benefit: Major search engines like Google ranks SSL enabled sites higher compared to non SSL sites. Thus bringing more organic traffic for your site.

  2. Data Encryption: Data transmission between server and visitor are securely encrypted on a SSL site thus avoiding any data hijacks in-between the transmission(Ex: personal information, credit card information).

  3. Trust: Google chrome shows non-SSL sites as ‘insecure’, bringing a feel of insecurity in website visitors.

  4. Authentic: HTTPS green padlock represents symbol of trust, authenticity and security.


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  • Submit a Bug – If you find any issue, please submit a bug via support forum.


WP Encryption plugin uses LetsDebug API to pull error details upon domain verification failure to show better insights on why you are not able to generate SSL certificate for your domain.

Security is an important subject regarding SSL/TLS certificates, of course. It is obvious that your private key, stored on your web server, should never be accessible from the web. When the plugin created the keys directory for the first time, it will store a .htaccess file in this directory, denying all visitors. Always make sure yourself your keys aren’t accessible from the web! We are in no way responsible if your private keys go public. If this does happen, the easiest solution is to check folder permissions on your server and make sure public access is forbidden for root folders. Next, create a new certificate.

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